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The Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea is one of the most physically and mentally challenging walks in the World. No matter the trekking company with which you choose to undertake this challenge, you will need to do some physical training and endurance training to ensure you are as prepared as possible.

The more prepared you are, the better you’ll be able to cope with the climate, the terrain, and the mental and physical fatigue.

5 Minute Fitness offers personal training packages specifically for people who want to trek the Kokoda Trail. With a combination of aerobic, strength, and outdoor endurance training, you’ll be ready to go. Everything you do before you go will pay off when you get there!

“Hi Eve trek was awesome! We got through with no dramas! Your training prepared us really well!” Anita and Anthony, about their Kokoda trek in 2011.

It is imperative that prior to undertaking such an adventure, you’re fully prepared mentally and physically for the challenge. Having completed the entire Kokoda wartime track (almost 130kms) in August 2009, I understand and can advise on exactly what is required before, during, and after you get home.


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